The Journey Begins


This is my real reaction! I am anxious, nervous, and slightly terrified to birth what has been growing inside of me for the past two years? Sharing raw emotions and feelings. My journey. My experiences. How God gave me beauty for ashes.

Heart of my mama. Attitude of my papa. Personality like a ray of sunshine. I don’t know how to sugar coat my life other than to smile while I share. Time to let go and share how I made it over. I made it through heartbreak of the worst kind, losing my parents while going through a divorce.

Things happen. You need to know that what happens to you isn’t always about you. I hope some of my experiences are able to help others see light where they’ve only seen darkness. Push someone to give through their struggle and watch things turn around for them. I encourage you to love, love again and then love some more.

I have hesitated and rationalized why I shouldn’t start this blog and just keep a journal. After all this puts me in a vulnerable place. I’ve been sharing lately, so much so, that my friends are encouraging me to finally release the messages. #GetYouAFriend

Sometimes you just have to jump! #PuttingItAllOnTheLine

This article is me at the edge of the cliff….

I’m a bird, you gotta let me fly!

I hope you enjoy this journey with me!

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