OK Has A Season Too!

Sometimes it feels like we have been swept under a tidal wave of situations or circumstances. I was literally just thinking, what’s wrong in my life today? What’s my struggle? Am I really OK?!


I am not in crisis. Sure there are a few things straggling that need to be addressed, that’s life. I am not heartbroken. I am not jobless. I am not friendless. I am not loveless (this has nothing to do with ‘being in love’ or in a relationship. #GetYouAFriend). I am not lifeless.

I am literally, OK. After a 5 year season of heartbreak and recovery I am in a season of OK! Would you believe that being OK CAN BE OVERWHELMING! I know what I touch will prosper. I know that what I focus on will develop. That’s the overwhelming part. That I can do any and everything that my heart desires. I no longer have a list of desires, I have a scroll.

We are so often burdened by issues that when there are none, we seek them out. I found myself testing God this past week. Trying to create issues for myself but just as He always is, He was faithful and just to protect me from myself.

I am here to simply share this :

STOP…making something out of nothing.                                                                     

STOP…finding reasons for contention.

Let life be. I am convinced that the OK season is designed to allow us to reflect on what we have overcome, after all hindsight IS 20/20.

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