I Took My Lemons To Grandma’s House!


I told y’all about ‘Surviving May’ and then just after I took this picture above, I posted ‘Let It Go!’ For all intents and purposes since 2013, the month of May is a bag of lemons, but my Guardian Angel Debbie squeezes those lemons and makes her babygirl some delicious lemonade. That lemonade is made at her mama, Grandma Earlene’s house.

May 23rd (the day I buried my mom in 2013) is always self care day and I decided that I’d get a haircut and then hop on over to get a mani-pedi. I’ve always wanted yellow polish but thought that was unprofessional. Not today, I’m going for it. After all, You Only Live Once and I vow to live with NO regrets. As I was wrapping up, I realized I hungry. I was talking myself into going home for the last of Sunday’s leftovers until I realized that the road I was driving on leads to Grandma’s house! That’s right y’all- I went to Grandma Earlene’s house! When life hands me lemons, I always end up at Grandma’s house!

I had such an amazing evening of watching TV with my Grandma and Uncle Jr, watching the neighbors, exchanging juicy gossip, laughing and letting my soul heal itself. Where there is love, light and laughter is where we should be in hard times.

All of our stories and struggles are different. All of our souls should have different ways to heal themselves. All of our lemons make different versions of lemonade. Mine happens to include family and friends. Yours may start with self discovery, coworkers, children, yoga, journaling, walking, reading, meditating, or praying.

Don’t stay a sour lemon, make the lemonade.

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