Mind, Body, Spirit

Winter, Spring and Summer are struggling to transition and so am I. My mind, body and soul are also a tad challenged on the alignment rack. I am done with my personal winter (my spirit has crawled out of the cold), my language is already in my personal summer, but my body is still in spring. I find myself in front of my vision board many mornings reading my quotes and getting stuck on one that I carried over from 2017…


When I get overwhelmed emotionally or mentally, I steal some time alone and sit somewhere in total silence just after I find a trusted soul to hug me and put me back together. One of these days I’ll do as my daddy instructed and go back to yoga.

We have to remember to ground ourselves. We can’t always be on the go or continuously pour from our cups. Our bodies speak with fatigue, exhaustion, aches or pains. Our language slows, becomes anxious, mixes between written and verbal. When you sense these things realize that you are out of balance. Stop the movement and find the stillness…. after all the stillness provides guidance because it will reground you.

Don’t run yourself ragged. Allow your mind, body, and spirit all to come together.

… Back to stillness I go.

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