Show Up!

Show Up with the mindset that everything is a teachable experience and your outlook starts to shift. You’ll start to notice new things and those things will make your heart smile. You’ll get more comfortable “entering the room” and become braver!

Showing up has paid me big dividends. I was leery initially. Telling myself that I was just going to pop in and say ‘hi’ or only stay an hour but then… I’d Show Up, relax and enjoy myself and most cases stay the entire time.

Now I try to Show Up to everything! People that are genuinely “for you” or “your people” are excited when you show up. Their smiles get a little bigger. Their voices go up an octave when the greet you! I’ve developed so many meaningful relationship over the past few years just because “I Showed Up!”

Dividends of Showing Up:

  • Rise in endorphins
  • New experiences
  • Meet new people
  • Build relationships
  • Learning likes and dislikes
  • What to NOT do again
  • How people really view you
  • Going to bed with a smile on your face
  • Self awareness and confidence
  • Extroversion practice
  • The experience itself
  • Fight against your desire to decline an invitation for fear of being uncomfortable. Only decline if your gut tells you to. When you show up, be present. Push past your boundaries. Smile and talk with people, especially the ones that feel like sunshine!
  • My advice for you today : SHOW UP!

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