Pump Your Brakes

Sometimes we simply aren’t ready.

Sometimes it just isn’t our time yet.

Sometimes the battle has to be fought differently.

Sometimes a delay to us is positioning for the next level or even another persons breakthrough!

Instead of running through life at the speed of light, Take The Stairs. I am always eager for what’s next. I used to be in such a rush that when I got to my destination that I didn’t know how I arrived. I missed out on experiences because I was always trying to get to the next place. Are you always on the move? Always trying to figure out what’s next while working on what’s currently taking place? Pump You Brakes and don’t just zoom to the next destination.

I recently took a road trip with my big cousin-sister, Casaundra. While securing our rental car, I told them once we got on the highway we could go ‘pume pume’. That was supposed to be like ‘zoom zoom’, only slower so we could take in the sights and still arrive at a decent time. I love to take in the scenery around me. What I didn’t realize on this trip that there was going to be holiday traffic and construction. A frustrating combination for anyone trying to arrive at a destination at a certain time. About 30 minutes into the trip, I realized that I needed to relax…. and if you think I’m talking about holiday travel, you don’t know who my pastor is 😊.

Rushing increases the amount of mistakes that we make. We need to be grounded and make sound decisions. There is pain, joy and growth in the process. All of these things stretch and mold us into who and what we need to be once we reach the next level. You will learn so much about yourself. About what you like and don’t like if you just slow down. When things feel iffy or uncomfortable, Pump Your Brakes.

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