Keep Swimming

I recall the day I told my #MainBreezy, LeAnne, that once my daddy passed it would break me. I’d just been through a lot of loss and devastation. My mom passed, I was divorced and my dad was home on hospice. I was on a launch at work. When I’d actually make it into the office and walk past my coworker, KellyKakes, she’d pull the Dori on me and say:

Here’s the thing, I have been devastated beyond what I thought I could survive, but I’m here because I kept swimming!!!

We all have varying degrees of devastation. Don’t compare yours to anyone else’s. Take your circumstances and just work them through. Decide that you are going to fight like hell for you! YOU have to fight for you. No matter the opposition or lack of support. No matter the misunderstanding of your decisions by others. Know that those who are meant to love you will come and stay.

Go back to the header photo and read that quote from Dr. King. Get that in your spirit. Let it minister to you.

Think of that time it was storming, and from the comfort of your home or car, you watched a bird run and hop over puddles. That bird didn’t let the rain stop its traveling.

Remember that time you saw your neighbor take off for a run with their dog and when they returned home that dog was now walking. The dog knew that in order to make it home, it had to keep moving… even if that run is now a walk.

We celebrate a babies first steps. Walking is a huge milestone. Don’t forget that majority of the babies crawled before they walked. Crawling still got them where the wanted to go.

Take note that in all of these examples there is movement. When things are tough you fight like hell to keep moving. Things will get better. Keep your head up! Progress requires movement! Just keep swimming!!!

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