Growing Pains

Heartbreak hurts. Heartbreak is caused by death, losing a friend, not getting a job that you knew you’d be perfect for, disagreements with loved ones, delays to plans you just knew were rock solid or all out denial of your wants or desires in a situation. Heartbreak is pain. As you experience this pain, you grow. You grow stronger, wiser, more determined. You become flexible in some areas of life and stringent in others. Growing spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically is rewarding!

I view Growing Pains as, “pain that causes me to grow!” It was the hurt from break-ups that taught me about the relationships I did and didn’t want. We have to be similar enough to see eye to eye but different enough to challenge each other to aspire to new heights.

I had to fall. Fall from Grace. Fall out of love. Fall out of like. Fall out of step. Fall out with people, places and things. I’m my parents princess but to the rest of the world, I had to humble myself….because I realized I ain’t all that. My dirty drawers do stank. Self realization and correction is super growth in my book.

I had to lose in order to gain. I lost control of my finances. I lost personal accountability for my actions. I had to be broke and stay home in order to understand my financial limitations and how to budget my time and resources.

I wouldn’t change the pain that caused me to grow. Don’t get me wrong, that pain was gut wrenching! I dreaded it! I just wanted it to stop! I had “why me?” moments! I couldn’t catch a break. I had pity parties but I always put my big girl panties back on and “Kept Swimming!”

I learned that I never wanted to feel those types of pains again. Didn’t need those lessons to repeat themselves. I just needed to stand on their shoulders and elevate to the next level!!! Take the pain and let it catapult to the next level of your best self!