Somebody’s Watching Me

I have spent hours trying to tie all of my thoughts together . . . somebody is always watching me (and you too).

Scenario on how this post came about: I was in a common workspace listening to two people talk about one persons promotion. I will change their names to protect them, lol! So, James and Deborah were talking about Deborah’s promotion. Excitedly, James asks if she had any replacements in mind. Deborah begins to talk about the people that are in her work group. She describes some as pleasant, some as effective, some as jerks and others as aggressive but ok. Overall, she sees the benefits in them all, but no one lives up to her expectations. . .

Describing people with negative connotations not only hurts them, but hurts you as well. It’s one thing to weigh the pros and cons of placing certain people in certain positions, but what I was hearing was an overall assassination of peoples character and an attempt to stunt the growth and elevation of well deserving people. It made her look sour and definitely changed my view of her.

This post overwhelmed me because I thought about all of the times that I watched people watch me. How friends that supported me through some of the most trying times in my life, turned foe over something simple or that time when that lady tried to destroy my relationship with my niece, Amalia. There was even a time when an ex-boyfriend cheated on me and he and the lady tried to minimize the situation and me.

Adversity comes through many trials and in many forms. Pastor Ron Carpenter (Redemption Church) just put out an Instagram post that talks about how to find where your power is. He says that you power lies in the place of your greatest adversity and where the devil fights you the most. Sometimes people will unknowingly have an assignment to fight you in your place of power so I charge this hinderance to their heads 🧠 and not their hearts 💞.

You would be hard pressed to convince me that Deborah didn’t see the power in her coworkers/teammates. I think she feared that they could perform better than her. In friendships, there are times when people have a hard time managing another persons power (gifts). You think I am trying to outshine you or over look you, but honestly, we were given different powers and if we can work together we could be unstoppable. As an auntie, I lead by example. Education and health are important to me. I believe that girls should be girls. My nieces (and nephews) should be better than me. They should experience things that I never had the opportunity to. They need to go further and farther than I ever did. I give to them because so much was given to me. I don’t give because I think I am better or am trying to upstage you. I see the value in education and experiences. Period. I am good soil. Good soil for friends, family and significant others. Me ex, he cheated. I know for sure that I left him better than when I found him. That other women thought she had more to offer until she tried to step into my sparkly ruby slippers 👠 and realized that “she ain’t me!” There was a different power in my push and support that produced different results and reactions from this dude.

I said all of that to say, people see you. The streets are watching. Somebody’s watching me. Somebody is watching you too. If you feel like people are trying to destroy you or some part of you or your life, it is definitely because they see your power. They recognize your strengths. They see your charisma. They see your ability to problem solve or adapt to situations. They don’t want to run the risk of you being viewed as better or more than them.

We can all win. We can all work together to be better and increase each other’s power. I have been fought on my job, in my home, in my family, in my relationships, in my friendships, in my education, in my finances and many other aspects of life. Now that I understand that everyone IS NOT my friend that that not everyone wants my power to exist, I am always reminded that “Somebody’s Watching Me!”, and I give them a show 💃🏽👸🏾👩🏾‍💻🦸🏾‍♀️😉😌!!!!!!!!

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