Brave Heart

I think it’s brave that you want to become all that God has planned for you to be.

I think it’s brave that you are reaching out to seize your destiny.

I feel like you are right on the verge of an amazing breakthrough.

We all have reasons that we keep going. We latch on to something that will give us a reason to “Keep Swimming“. I had family members to look after. Missions to accomplish. No matter the situation I was in, there was always something tugging at my heart strings letting me know that there was more in store for me and that I’d be ok.

It is hard to get up and get moving when your soul is tired. I commend anyone that actually does it. Two weeks ago I called my bonus mommy and asked her what should I do because my soul was so tired. I had been moving for quite some time sponging up the energy of other people, trying to heal and fix people and things all the while neglecting myslef. Physically, I was in pain. It hurt to roll over in the bed at night. My hip hurt when I got up to walk… all I could think was ‘this is the pits!’

People that continue to give when they are strained are selfless. They get up every morning with their mind, body, heart and spirit at war. They show up because they understand war and that each day is a baby step to win a battle until the war is over. They make up in their minds that the pain won’t last always and just hold on for the sunshine.

Have you ever experienced a significant loss, change or incident in your life and it throws you off your square? I mean, gotten your heart broken so bad by a person that you can’t even think straight? Been mistreated by a loved one after you put yourself on the line to help them? Suffered the loss of a loved one and struggled to find your new normal? Well, I have. When the Lord called my parents home to be with Him, there was a hole in my heart. It’s like the air I breathed was stifled. I had no idea how I’d go on living, but deep down in my heart and spirit, I kept hearing, “Beauty for Ashes”.

I admire people that cry themselves to bed at night, or cry in the morning while they are getting ready to face a world that seems to be fighting them at every turn. I cried in the shower every morning for months. I had a few songs that I’d play every morning to help me get my mind ready for the day. Once out into the world, I would put my smile on, bow my head and weather the storm. All the while thinking, trouble don’t last always and it’s going to get better.

OHHHHHH, and the days you want to give up! My God! Alarms would go off and I’d pull the cover back over my head and say not today. I didn’t want to answer a telephone, a text message, see a human, but I knew that there was a greater purpose and calling on my life.

Talk about being a Brave Heart. You look up and try to understand, where you are, how you got there and how to get past this portion? How to get to the place where you know you are supposed to be? The place where you are OK, because OK has a Season Too! If you give up, if you stop the fight, if you stop swimming, you run the risk of missing out on the greater, the better, the more for your life. Being brave is where it’s at. Being brave is lonely. Being brave is confusing. Being brave is powerful. Being brave is invigorating. Being brave is challenging. But most of all, being brave is REWARDING! Keep your head up! Things are going to get better!

2 thoughts on “Brave Heart

  1. Unfortunately a lot of folks give up in the midst of their struggles. Last year on my birthday Saturday March 17th after great day with river dyed green, St Patty’s parade and fun with my Boo and family I come home to the bldg surrounded by police tonfind out a resident had committed suicide—jumped from 21st floor bedroom window
    As my birthday approaches I have thoughts of last year and wonder what was so horrible in that young man’s life to take his own life. I heard his girlfriend just broke up with him. It was also stated he was bi-sexual or May homosexual. He was Asian so not something accepted in his culture

    It does take a Brave Heart to push through things some days. Those days that you struggle you just have to pray and be positive that tomorrow will be better than today

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    1. It is so sad to hear anytime someone takes their own life.

      You are exactly right, you have to take the rough days one at a time. I went into a period thinking that I’d never survive, and as this time of year rolls around, it all seems like such a blur. Like, HOW did I make it? It definitely was not easy.


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