Tending To My Front Yard

Here’s my foregone conclusion:

I. Want. To. Mind. My. Own. Business.

I can’t handle minding other peoples business. It’s to much. I have worked so hard and fought so hard for my curb appeal and green grass. I want to move to my backyard, but someone came in and trampled my lawn, so… back to making the grass green, I go!

I am excited that spring is here. I approach this season with a hint of doubt, though. Will I repeat the mistakes of last year? Am I actually doing the right things to dethatch? Should I just rip the lawn out and start all over again? Will the lawn man finally leave the grass higher so it doesn’t burn so fast?

My neighbors have been at this lawn care and house maintenance a lot longer than me. They seem to possess skills that make the process of curb appeal painless. Once you talk to them, you soon find out that they’ve experienced some of the same obstacles as you. The yard ornaments were purchased over time. They used the wrong chemicals and killed their grass. The porch collapsed before they could fix it. And let’s not even talk about the paint.

I said all of that to say this, don’t compare business your stories. The only yard you can manage is your own. You can only be responsible for you.

On this first day of spring 2019, the rain began to flow and came with such a promise of a brighter day. I’ll be tending to my grass (figuratively and physically). It’ll take some sweat and tears but, the grass will be plush and green. I’ve been waiting patiently to erase any signs of this past winter. Normally, I’m in a zone, focused on the front lawn and the flower beds, so the back yard and garage don’t get as much attention. This year, I have a revised, more detailed plan that will ensure all of my property receives some tender loving care.

By building upon the last 3 years of tending to my front yard, I’m looking forward to all that’s going to blossom. I’ve got this. I’ve got vision and enough YouTube videos to gather the technique. I must do the work. I must be hands on. I must emerge myself in my own lawn, after all no one cares for your yard like you.

Don’t leave it up to chance. Mind your own business. Tend to your own from yard.