Face the Facts

I have been reminded several times this year that I can’t trust my feelings. My feelings are often based on matters of the heart and they cloud my judgement. I must Face the Facts. As twisted as it sounds lately, the fact is that my feelings have been hurt.

The facts give you a firm grasp of what you are up against so you can figure out how to effectively move forward. In your seasons of building, growing, elevating, and transitioning, you often feel delayed, behind, and overlooked. I have found that the Lord orders my steps with facts, in the form of ‘Path Pavers‘ that I rely heavily on to reach my goals.

We search for feedback as we strive to reach our goals. That feedback is the news or the update on how we are progressing and we have to use discernment to separate the facts and the feelings.

Facing the Facts:

No news is bad news. If you don’t know what you are up against, then you cannot be effective. You need the facts, the root of the situation and an understanding of what the outcome should be. You don’t know where you stand if there is no news, and that’s bad.

Bad news is good news. It’s all in how you view a thing. Once I started looking at bad news as growth and opportunity to do better, increase, learn more… it quickly transitioned into good news.

Good news is no news. Just means you did the thing the right way. That you have a grasp on the facts and understood and met the goal.

Let this post serve as your reminder to always refer to the facts and not your feelings. Accept the good and bad news that is shared with you and get to the root when there is no news! For me, facts and goal achievements go hand in hand and feelings take me down a rabbit hole! Face the Facts!