Comfort Zone : Ice Cream

Past. Present. Future.

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

I did it. I am doing it. I’ll get it done.

I struggle participating in the present when there’s so many things going on. Like, I have this new position at work. I started during the summer. I have more responsibilities. I am being trained on new things every week. There are clear expectations that hinge on my ability to comprehend and perfom in a position that is being defined as we go. I am immersed in a new workout and nutrition regimen. I need to clean my house. I’ve got family stuff. I can’t decide whether or not to grow my hair or just get a quickweave. . . and the list goes on.

Somedays, I am spent and want to sit in silence. Other days, well… lately all of the days have been this way. It is safe to say, I am out of my Comfort Zone.

Nothing is the same!

Nothing, except my desire for ice cream when I am stressed. Yup, that’s right. Ice cream makes everything better (my trainer is pissed!)

Ice cream reminds me of my mama and to reset and get back to the finer things in life. The things that make my soul happy. I am reminded to schedule my self care. That I was sent to this transition. I am blessed to labor, but I need to get back in my seat of authority and peace. The decisions have to be made, just not all at once. And not all on my own. Ice cream reminds me of all those things and more.

I prayed for the perfect people. One of them brought me ice cream today. Another reminded me what my blog means to me. Another reminded me to put God first. Another reminded me to eart right and work out. And, another remided me that all things are working for my good. I would have never realized that I had my life undercontrol unless… I would have mentioned that I needed ice cream because that started the “why’s?”

The moral of this story, find your happy place and get there when life gets overwhelming. For me: ice cream does it!


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