…. But this transformation, though!

As 2020 started, all I could think to myself was, “WHEW!” I was having a harvest season in the dead of winter. How sway? No idea, but it’s the most uncomfortable thing I’ve experienced in recent memory. I had been sowing and praying and believing for things that I could only stand in faith for their delivery.

Some things in my life had been on a tragedy for months and other things are blossoming like my lilac bush in the month of May. I was also oddly situated in places where I didn’t fit in, but was able to adapt. That drove me nuts. I used to be able to choose whether or not to enter into an environment, but now I had no choice. I had to go where the the Lord sent me. I said, “yes”, and agreed to figure out the details later.

My old self — gone. The funny thing is in this moment, I can’t recall what the old me was like. In this transition I find myself taking more leadership opportunities and outlining my destiny. This new me, I often wonder, what will she look like? Where will she go? Who will she be?How will she positively impact those she comes in contact with? Am I wearing this transition like wet clothes?

In the midst of transformation there is so much newness and also a bit of pain. The wheat and the tares were growing together and I was feverishly trying to separate them on the threshing floor of my life. As the birth of your new self is taking place, be intentionally present. It’s uncomfortable. You will want to run and hide or think that it’s to much to bare, but just stay the course and use that uncomfortableness to propel you to the next level of you!


2 thoughts on “…. But this transformation, though!

  1. I think you’re incorrect when you say you don’t have a choice or stop having a choice. I think you simply chose to let God lead your life and to follow him. I think that that is a very wise choice. And I Know first hand that you will have peace in your journey because of your relationship with God. You still can ask god for the things you desire in life and he loves you so much and wants you to be happy . God is in the blessings business. Who you are and where you’re going is guided by you and God almighty. love 💕 you

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