Be a Grace Granter

This was in my Facebook memories from 3 years ago.

There are many things that affect a persons mood and stance. Quarantine has us more in tuned with social media as a way of keeping up with humans. However, there are those of us that like people in person, and we have been challenged by not being able to gather. As I’ve scrolled through social media the last few weeks, there has been an overwhelming presence of sickness, heartbreak, and tumultuousness. My heart breaks a little every time I see a post and I pause to pray for that individual.

If nothing else, I am learning or have learned to treat people how I wanted to be treated when luck or good fortune wasn’t my portion. When I was in the valley, I wanted people to be graceful with me. To be kind. To be loving. To handle me with care. To be normal with me, yet sensitive to my trouble that I always professed wouldn’t last always.

I prayed to God that those grace grantors would blessed real good! That Holy Spirit would sprinkle extra in their cup that runneth over. See every human has their day. Our elders say, “ live long enough,” or “life hits you one day,” and believe me, we will all see a day(s) that’s not sunshine and sugar plum fairies.

Newton’s third law states: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Galatians 6:8 says: we reap what we so.

Together the above law and Bible verse tell me that no matter what, the ups and downs will come together BUT sowing grace grants me grace. Not to mention grace comes with its twin, mercy. I’ll save mercy for another post.

Be a grace granter.

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