…. But this transformation, though!

As 2020 started, all I could think to myself was, “WHEW!” I was having a harvest season in the dead of winter. How sway? No idea, but it’s the most uncomfortable thing I’ve experienced in recent memory. I had been sowing and praying and believing for things that I could only stand in faith for their delivery.

Some things in my life had been on a tragedy for months and other things are blossoming like my lilac bush in the month of May. I was also oddly situated in places where I didn’t fit in, but was able to adapt. That drove me nuts. I used to be able to choose whether or not to enter into an environment, but now I had no choice. I had to go where the the Lord sent me. I said, “yes”, and agreed to figure out the details later.

My old self — gone. The funny thing is in this moment, I can’t recall what the old me was like. In this transition I find myself taking more leadership opportunities and outlining my destiny. This new me, I often wonder, what will she look like? Where will she go? Who will she be?How will she positively impact those she comes in contact with? Am I wearing this transition like wet clothes?

In the midst of transformation there is so much newness and also a bit of pain. The wheat and the tares were growing together and I was feverishly trying to separate them on the threshing floor of my life. As the birth of your new self is taking place, be intentionally present. It’s uncomfortable. You will want to run and hide or think that it’s to much to bare, but just stay the course and use that uncomfortableness to propel you to the next level of you!


I Fought To Get Here!

Today, Facebook reminded me. . .

Isn’t that how a trip down memory lane starts, and then some sort of emotion ensues. Well, I was determined not be sad this day, and I’m determined not to be sad this time of year. You see, Facebook wanted to remind me that today my dad was admitted to the hospital for leukemia treatment (he passed a month and a half later). Well, this time I wasn’t gonna to let Facebook send me to the sad dungeon. Instead, I decided to take today by the horns and be very intentional on my journey.

I started with a workout! Nothing beats a personal accomplishment first thing out the gate. That was in twined with my morning prayer, packing my lunch and getting ready for work. I was light on my toes and danced my way into the office, and sung hello to my teammates as I walked past them to my desk. I broke away from the mundane flow of the day to walk and say hello to Mama Sue, Mrs. Tina and the rest of the ladies that I used to work with and their love lifted me. I traipsed back to my desk, a daunting 10 minute walk, and engaged with more coworkers until my cube mate looked at me and said, “dang girl, are you going home?”

Now, I had a choice after I picked up my dry cleaning… that was to go home or to my cousins house, visit with him and his family and pick up some family photos that he felt in his heart belonged to me. I decided, Steve’s house was the place to be. There, I was entertained by the kids and even got to love on a baby! My heart was full, but still missing something. I called my other mama, and told her I was on my way. We had dinner, fruit, watched tv, talked to my auntie and I got to play with another youngster, the 2 syllable me!

Now I’m home, full of love and exhausted 😩! You may want to know why I shared the play by play of my day with you, and here’s why: Sometimes you have to fight through your worst days and be very strategic and intentional to avoid falling into a dark space. I find that engaging with and loving on my loved ones eases the burden that my heart carries. It’s why I’ll always ask, “who’s your support system?” I’ll remind you that “no new friends” is just a song and that it’s never to late for divine connections. And don’t limit them to significant others, they can be friends, parental figures, mentors, leaders and more.

I’m counting it all on joy. Thankful, that 6 years later I’m able to say, “I fought through some of the worst days of my life to get here!” Be encouraged on today that indeed there is BEAUTY FOR ASHES!


Be A Learning Addict

Teachable experiences are all around you. You can learn from everything that happens to you – every up and every down, every success and every failure by keeping your mind open to new possibilities! Hold fast to the fact that you are never to old to learn.

I sat across the table having a home cooked dinner with my friend, Mrs. Marcia, who happens to be about 20 years older than me. We talked personality traits, the way we handle conflict resolution and how we adapt to our next levels. See, Mrs. Marcia had been watching me navigate an issue and after it had come to a close, she said, “Where did you learn this? Can you teach me? I am not one of those older people that thinks I know everything. I want to learn!” I have adopted a similar frame of mind because I think that everything has the ability to teach me something and I am always looking for that lesson.

Life is a great teacher and over the last 5 years it has made me into a learning addict. In the last year, my career path has taken a turn and I was transitioned to a new position that I knew absolutely nothing about as part of a company redesign. I started to research and even had the opportunity to take a class for continuing education credits to help with the transition. Initially, when I was told that I was moving to this new position, I was terrified but I wouldn’t let the unknown beat me. The more I learned, the easier this transition became. I have been the biscuit absorbing the gravy. Taking in everything and leaving no questions unanswered.

It hit me! Be a good steward of where you are placed and that’s where God will send the increase! Now you can even say that I have employment enjoyment. Learning what this position entails and immersing myself in the new group culture has given me a new spunk. A desire to make a difference in a new position and bring smiles to a group that, perhaps, may have needed a little spunk! It was also important that I learned how this group and the individuals functioned and where I fit in. What a great decision! I could go on and on about being a learning addict, but we can chat particulars another time!

Use every opportunity that you can to learn!


Face the Facts

I have been reminded several times this year that I can’t trust my feelings. My feelings are often based on matters of the heart and they cloud my judgement so I must Face the Facts. As twisted as it sounds, the fact is that my feelings have been hurt.

The facts give you a firm grasp of what you are up against so you can figure out how to effectively move forward. When you are building, growing, elevating, transitioning, you often feel delayed, behind, and overlooked. I have found that the Lord gives me ‘Path Pavers‘ and I fiddle to my goals, and over time I have learned to get back to the facts and not make moves based off of my feelings.

We search for feedback as we strive to reach our goals. That feedback is the news or the update on how we are progressing and we have to use discernment to separate the facts and the feelings.

Facing the Facts:

No news is bad news. If you don’t know what you are up against, then you cannot be effective. You need the facts, the root of the situation and an understanding of what the outcome should be. You don’t know where you stand if there is no news, and that’s bad.

Bad news is good news. It’s all in how you view a thing. Once I started looking at bad news as growth and opportunity to do better, increase, learn more… it quickly transitioned into good news.

Good news is no news. Just means you did the thing the right way. That you have a grasp on the facts, and you understood and met the goal.

Our feelings should be acknowledged, tracked back to the fact they are tied to and properly dealt with, but not be the driving force behind our actions. Learn the power in a pause. Watch how things change as you base decisions less off of emotion and more off of facts!



Manage Risks

We all have dreams. Some of those dreams require us to adopt an entrepreneurial mind-set. If that’s your path, you must be comfortable with risk. Granted, as an entrepreneur, you should have a business plan for the road you will travel to get your business up and running, but no detail is risk free. However, the risk should be calculated. Don’t blindly accept risk; deal with it intelligently and always with your eyes open wide.

[Me, talking to me]. Write the blog and actually post it. Personally, baring your soul, sharing your emotions or just opening up about the life path you have traveled is a whole lot. It makes you vulnerable. But, following your passion makes you accountable to yourself. It’s risky. The risk is managed by the frustration and tugging at your soul to complete the action for the the vision that’s been dropped in it.

I’m an open book and if you haven’t already figured it out, I’m blogging afraid.

Even after 2 years.

The fear didn’t go away.

I take breaks, but I get right back to it. I manage risks of judgement, bad grammar, terrible flow, and countless other insecurities, by just being myself.

I can’t be anyone else. When I try, I crash and burn! The crash and burn hurts so bad. I’m afraid to be anyone other than me. Ever. Again.

So, the most common risk management for me these days, is to do it with Jesus Christ. He walks with me. He talks with me. He leads me. He guides me. If He places a word on my heart, I know that He will see to it that it reaches its expected end. I pause before many of my tasks, pray the Lords will be done and then get to moving.

Whenever I’ve included God in the plan, the good always outweighs the bad and I have the stamina to keep going!

Forget the fear. Invite Christ in. Do it afraid!

Car Talk: Manage Risks


Comfort Zone : Ice Cream

Past. Present. Future.

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

I did it. I am doing it. I’ll get it done.

I struggle participating in the present when there’s so many things going on. Like, I have this new position at work. I started during the summer. I have more responsibilities. I am being trained on new things every week. There are clear expectations that hinge on my ability to comprehend and perfom in a position that is being defined as we go. I am immersed in a new workout and nutrition regimen. I need to clean my house. I’ve got family stuff. I can’t decide whether or not to grow my hair or just get a quickweave. . . and the list goes on.

Somedays, I am spent and want to sit in silence. Other days, well… lately all of the days have been this way. It is safe to say, I am out of my Comfort Zone.

Nothing is the same!

Nothing, except my desire for ice cream when I am stressed. Yup, that’s right. Ice cream makes everything better (my trainer is pissed!)

Ice cream reminds me of my mama and to reset and get back to the finer things in life. The things that make my soul happy. I am reminded to schedule my self care. That I was sent to this transition. I am blessed to labor, but I need to get back in my seat of authority and peace. The decisions have to be made, just not all at once. And not all on my own. Ice cream reminds me of all those things and more.

I prayed for the perfect people. One of them brought me ice cream today. Another reminded me what my blog means to me. Another reminded me to put God first. Another reminded me to eart right and work out. And, another remided me that all things are working for my good. I would have never realized that I had my life undercontrol unless… I would have mentioned that I needed ice cream because that started the “why’s?”

The moral of this story, find your happy place and get there when life gets overwhelming. For me: ice cream does it!


Be Persistent

In Bible class, PB told us to never stop quitting. What he was saying is, no matter how many times you fail or what the difficulties are, never give up. You must reassure yourself that a solution exists for every problem. It’s your job to figure out that solution and determine the best way to implement it.

Persistence is, at times, one of the most important factors in success. If you have a chance, look at the highlights of 2019 U.S. Open Men’s Championship match between Medvedev and Nadal. I don’t even watch tennis, but on this day, I decided to give it a try. This match lasted almost 5 hours! These guys were in the fight of their lives. This was an on time view of persistance. Nadal won, but they both have been positioned for greatness. On this night in history, Medvedev will be known because he persisted and did not stop fighting.

Now, transfer this lesson to your vision and fight like hell to make it come a reality. The vision is placed in you because something in your soul is not satisfied. For example, in your career, goals are given to you as a part of your objectives for the year. There are a certain set of strategies and measures that need to be taken. Sometimes the strategies need to be altered, but the measures of the goal still need to be achieved.

Faith is the substance. Persistence gets you the evidence. The trick of the enemy to get you to give up on that vision. The more you persist, the harder the enemy will fight you. Especially, when God has favored you and you are working a thing you’ve imagined. Imaginations can see finish lines, but not accurately gauge distances, much like the side view mirrors on your car that say, objects are closer than they appear.

In this very moment I’m being persistent. I’ve set an alarm for 6.5 hours from now to work out in the morning before my work day starts. I can’t imagine how I’m going to make it through the work day, but I have better personal, mental and physical success during the day when I work out before “stuff” takes over. I’ve had this same alarm set for 2 months now. Eventually, I’ll get up and make this happen. My persistence says tomorrow’s that day! All of this practicing getting up and getting to the gym- setting me up for greatness once it happens! #DontStopQuitting #KeepSwimming