Friends, how many of us have them? Not everyone.

I am convinced that we aren’t meant to do life alone. We need wise counsel. Someone to call and bounce our ideas off of. Someone to talk us off the ledge. Someone to keep us from making a big mistake.

I recall people telling me that they don’t have any friends, and that hurt my heart. There are people that have been hurt, scorned or have a learned behavior based on solitude. I remember posting on Facebook, “We are meant to be in relationship with others!” and someone responded, “I don’t think you need people in your life. I don’t have any friends.”

You don’t think you need friends? This puzzled me because it’s not an experience of mine. My circle of friends has changed in size and stature, but my soul ties still remain. 

You do. You do need friends. I am not convinced that it is healthy do life alone. Friends provide accountability and support. They whisper your hearts song back to you when you have forgotten. 

You need friends to provide counsel and confidants.

If you are a person that has trouble meeting trustworthy people or sustaining meaningful relationships, may I suggest that you pray for the right people be sent into your life at the right time and that you recognize them when they come.

If you are a person that has people that don’t clap for you when you are winning or try and help you when life has brought you down to your knees,  you need to let them go! Get a new friend. A whole new friend!

When people outside of my circle see me, they see the polished version of me. They see my anointing. What they don’t see are the people holding me up and keeping me accountable for my growth, passion and purpose.

The public doesn’t see the text messages and phone calls that are made while I am battling the storms of life. Nor do you see my friends on social media talking about, “ugh, here she goes being all extra with her problems.” This is because I prayed for a circle of friends that don’t require cameras in the locker room until it’s time to celebrate our win!

The Lord grants the desires of our hearts. Just as he sends mentors, leaders, significant others, jobs, financial breakthroughs, He will also send friends. All you have to do is ask!!!



Heart Smiles


I can’t remember the last time I spent a day doing nothing. As far as the eye can see, I don’t have one of those days coming up. I’ve been privileged to hang out with some amazing people this year. My heart is swelling at the positive energy and love!

#GetYouAFriend is something I started saying to my friends about a year ago. It’s what I say to everyone I meet now. You’re never to old to make new friends or build new relationships. Some people are scarred and have hurts and disappointments as a hurdle, but you’ve got to do the work. Remember if Judas betrayed Christ and Peter denied Him … you can expect the same.

It’s all in how you process relationships and whether or not you can enter into them with an open mind. You have to treat people differently, according to their talents and positions in your life. Everyone doesn’t get unfiltered access to your life.

That’s the main rule I live by now. I must be present in every moment and let the Joy of my Soul shine through my Heart. I love to recap time spent with folks. I catch myself smiling at the thoughts… HEART SMILES ♥️😁