Love Is

My childhood sister-friend, Kendra always says, “Love Is.” Every time I read or write it my mind wanders. Action, love IS action.

I choose love every-time. I love love. I love the feeling of love. I love its mystery. I love being able to watch others discover love. I love watching others feel love. I love pouring my love into others.

In my mind, when I see others hurt as a result love (or loving), I silently rejoice because I know that it’s just a test. A test of endurance and strength. I know there’s a lesson in it and better is on the other side.

Love changes lives. Love heals. Love hurts. Love teaches. Love punishes. Love grows. Love stunts. Love stuns. Love begs. Love Is. Love Is not.

You learn so much about yourself when love is involved. Your potential knows no bounds. Nothing can stop you. Dreams are born and become masterful. You learn who you are and who you are not.

Love isn’t just centered in romantic relationships. It’s culminated in friendships, sister and brotherhoods, family ties, volunteering, shopping, work… and the list goes on.

Love is when a coworker gives you their homemade chicken noodle soup because your aren’t feeling well, and they go and buy a lunch for themself. It’s when your best friend is more excited for your birthday than you are. Or when the person you are in relationship with creates an environment for you to rest and be catered to. It’s when someone sacrifices their comfort or convenience to accommodate your needs.

Love provides joy, peace, serenity, lessons, growth, uncomfortableness, teachable moments… but, Love NEVER Fails.

Heart Smiles


I can’t remember the last time I spent a day doing nothing. As far as the eye can see, I don’t have one of those days coming up. I’ve been privileged to hang out with some amazing people this year. My heart is swelling at the positive energy and love!

#GetYouAFriend is something I started saying to my friends about a year ago. It’s what I say to everyone I meet now. You’re never to old to make new friends or build new relationships. Some people are scarred and have hurts and disappointments as a hurdle, but you’ve got to do the work. Remember if Judas betrayed Christ and Peter denied Him … you can expect the same.

It’s all in how you process relationships and whether or not you can enter into them with an open mind. You have to treat people differently, according to their talents and positions in your life. Everyone doesn’t get unfiltered access to your life.

That’s the main rule I live by now. I must be present in every moment and let the Joy of my Soul shine through my Heart. I love to recap time spent with folks. I catch myself smiling at the thoughts… HEART SMILES ♥️😁