Not Yet, You Are Hidden

The last post that I wrote was, “Not Yet!” Immediately, I felt like there was so much more to write about that I told my niece, Brandi Boo, I was going to write a Part 2. Well, here it goes.

I cannot explain to anyone how I feel right now or what’s going on. What I know is that I keep crying. Everything makes me cry. I am sensitive, just a ball of emotions. Like all over the place.

To be a clear, I am ready! Or, at least I think I am. Ready for what? I am so glad you asked. Ready to thrive! But, I’m hidden and I know it. Being hidden has so much to do with building your faithfulness and consistency. It is also about helping you hone your skills and develop a confidence in your delivery.

I am a firm believer that there’s an undeniable breakdown before an undeniable breakthrough. Here’s a conversation between me & Boo.

First, let me say this. You can learn from anyone. I am at least 15 years older than her and she dropped these nuggets of knowledge and wisdom on me.

Second, Brandi Boo reminded me that no matter what it FEELS like, God is right here with me in the valley while He is preparing a place for me.

Third, how encouraging and truthful. Don’t fall into a comparison trap. None of us have the same destiny. While things may be similar, they won’t be the same.

Fourth, It’s my reminder that your gift will make room for you.

The advantage that I have over anyone else, is that I am ME!

Here’s where I am going with this post. If you are in a holding pattern, ask yourself what else is there for you to learn, grow or perfect? Are you being faithful in the place you are in? Are you showing up on time? Are you doing your work and not expecting anyone else to do it for you. You may be sharing your gift with 5 or 500 people, but are you consistent and dependable? What is your reputation? What do the reports about you say? Search yourself and see what you can do to become better in your personal arena.

Transparency moment as I measure Me against Me: I need to work on consistency. I have a great gift to share. The reports and my reputation are favorable. I have a list of things that will grow me and I need to make time to invest in them, in me. Do the work so that when the Lord makes it happen, I won’t be trying to find my way, I’ll already be on the path. The breakthrough is just around the corner, but for now, I’m hidden!


Not Yet?

Waiting is taboo. With everything in life at our finger tips, our patience is truly thin. I’ve had to wait, let things take their course. Things take time, for some reason no one thinks they have time to give, but you do.

Rushing things leaves us open for missteps that can cause detours that will extend the time for us to get the outcome we are looking for.

I am convinced that the blessing or the curse are equal in the time they take. Whether you want the blessing or the curse depends on how you decide to bide the time.

We hear so many things: Delay is not denial. Patiently wait. Everything takes time. Don’t rush. Slow down. Trust the process.

We must trust God, even when the answer is “not yet.”

Here’s why. There is an overall picture for our lives. Sometimes we are looking through a close up lense when we need to switch to a wide angle lense. Our vision in the present situation does not always account for the expected end. I am in a “not yet” season, kind of like an aircraft circling the airport waiting on the OK to land and a gate number to pull up to.

Here’s what’s funny. I know exactly where I am going, but I have no idea what I am going to do when I get there. I was ready to go in January (and the January before that), but there was a “not yet.” I started exploring different paths, you know, what will I do next? I threw out a bunch of darts and nothing stuck. I was like visa, everywhere I thought I should be. The Lord said, “not yet.” So instead of allowing discouragement to overtake me, I decided to purify my heart. I started saying out loud, “Lord, I trust you! What’s the lesson? What should I be doing in my waiting period?”

When I surrendered control, I started to see how the “not yet” was preparing me for the intended end of this life’s level and how I’d be able to propel to the next. The “not yet” is getting me ready to fight on another level. It’s more wisdom. It’s more love. It’s more stability. It’s more discernment. It’s more, more, more…. So much more support and guidance.

I’ll leave you with this. I have fought long and tirelessly to get to a place in my life where goodness and mercy are ever present, where there’s tons of sunshine! I woke up one morning, ready to pull myself out of my “not yet,” meaning I was going to MAKE something happen. As sure as the stars shine at night, regardless of whether or not you can see them, the Holy Spirit said to me, ” I go before you to prepare the place and it’s not ready yet. If you go before me, it’ll happen but it will be so much harder and stressful. You will struggle. If you wait, the place will exceed your wildest dreams!”

…………. If you are wondering what I decided? I am dancing in my “not yet”. I feel the sunshine. I see God in everything.