My Time, My Renaissance

Launched in 2018, I wanted to create a community for people who are experiencing love, heartbreak, grief, struggles, joy and happiness around the world.

If you’ve ever experienced a life tsunami of good or evil, you’ll feel right at home here. This is an encouraging community of supportive people that are simply experiencing life. I share “Beauty for Ashes” mentality and how optimism has worked for my good. I am still learning, living, loving and growing. I don’t claim to have it all together, but I love discovering new ways on how to keep it all together.

I experienced heartbreak of the worst kind over a 10 month span of time. I lost my mother, got a divorce and lost my father. There are defining moments in our lives and I had reached mine. I had to find my new normal and figure out what was next. I had NO idea where to start. I lost friends, money, confidence. I battled anxiety and depression. Then I renewed my Faith in God…. HE turned it! I am proud to say that through it all, I never lost my smile.

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